Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance  


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Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance is an important health insurance product. Most experts agree that LTC insurance is a critical component of a retirement plan, and many people are under the false assumption that they are currently covered for long term care. 

Long-Term Care Insurance is the only insurance designed to help cover the costs of long term care services. Without it, chances are good you will be responsible for paying most, if not all, of the costs out of your own pocket.

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To learn more about the Alumni Long-Term Care Insurance Plan and why it may be right for you, click on “Learn More”. By clicking this link, you will be leaving the Alumni Insurance Program's web site. The linked site is owned and operated by Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR), who is solely responsible for its content. 

How to Apply 
To obtain quotes or find out additional information on the program, please call 1-800-616-8759.

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  • Who is Long-Term Care Resources?

    Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR) is a national insurance marketing company dedicated to LTC insurance. As one of the leading distributors of LTC insurance, LTCR manages a national network of LTC Enrollment Specialists. LTCR is a trusted source by over 280 colleges and universities and numerous professional associations.
  • How can I learn more about this plan?

    Visit the Alumni Long-Term Care Insurance Plan website by clicking on "Learn More" or call 1-800-616-8759.


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